LINQ is one of the most useful C# libraries for code optimization, it can make your code shorter, clearer and more readable. For understanding the concepts of LINQ you should first understand what are delegates and extended functions.

What is Linq?

LINQ is a System library that adds extensions for the IEnumerable interface. In LINQ, we can find a lot of delegated functions that provide us structures of useful functions that we can fit for our needs using the delegates.

An example of a LINQ extension is the Sum Function. Let’s take the Builder class as an example.

public class Builder

In C# we can find three different kinds of types, Value, Reference, Pointer types. In this article, we are going to focus on Reference & Value types.

So What are Reference & Value types?

The Main Difference

The main difference between value & reference types is by their assignment.

int a = 5;
int b = a;

In the example above, we assign to the variable “b” the value of the variable “a”, and after that, we increase the value of b.

What is the value of b and what would be the value of a?
Well, as you probably knew that the…


In C#, we can find some useful OOP tools to make our code better.

In this article, you will find some intermediate tools that you can use in your program.

NOTE — The operations (operator overloading, indexers) would work for structs as well. However, the examples would use classes.


If you have ever used List<T> or Dictionary<T> and you were curious about how can an instance of a class can have indices just like an array, then the answer for this is indexers.

In the example below, we can see how to create an indexer.

T — Stands for the value we return from the index.

[int index] — The index the user gave…

hoto by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash

Any programming language has its tricks and purposes.

Understanding the tricks behind any programming language can make your code to be shorter and more efficient.

Expression-bodied members in Classes

In C# OOP we can find some useful tools that can save us a lot of time and place while writing code.

public class SampleClass
public int x { get; set; }
public int y { get; set; }
public int z => x + y; //automaticlly holds the sum

In the following example, we can see two basic declarations of variables.

The declaration of the x & y variable means that we can get & set their values from anywhere.

Gilad Bar Ilan

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